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There are a few options you can collaborate with us. 

  • If you are our customer, you can send us your look by @duchessonabudget19 and #duchessonabudget through Instagram or facebook page HERE. It's very likely that you will be picked and featured on our social platforms. 
  • Instablogger, blogger or vlogger - If you are a fashionista who has a blog, or an account on Instagram, facebook,, chictopia,, even better you have your own YouTube channel, and also you have the decent amount of followers and high engagement rate, update your daily look frequently, then please do not hesitate to contact us with subject: collaboration. In this way, we normally offer you free items. Here are our requests:
    • All photos must be posted on your social network platforms within 14 days after you receive your items.
    • All photos need to tag us or contain the link back to our website.
    • We appreciate it if you can create more than one post. Better results, better-qualified ambassador you are.
    • None of the above -
    • We can still work together. Send us your OOTD, you might get featured on our social media platforms such as Instagram.

    We are looking forward to hear from you: